Preparing a house for a Sphynx Cat

Sphynx cats are among the most unique cat breeds out there. They are not only hairless, but these cats are also quite adorable. If you decide to take home a pet sphynx kitten, you will need to be ready to accommodate it.

It isn’t just about bringing in all the necessary kitten supplies. Rather, you need the necessary tips to help you be prepared to take care of a new kitten upon his/her arrival.

Make the house warm enough

You already know that these cat breeds are hairless For that, you need to be careful with your handling. They need to be kept warm at all times. Ideally, heat up the room with a reliable heater. If you don’t have that, you can opt for buying a heated cat bed. This will keep the little fellow warm throughout, especially at night. Since the kitten is still new in your home, he will obviously be missing his litter crew and mother. That’s why you need to show him the proper reception that he needs.

Take it easy with the kitten food

Apparently, you will have to wait for the kitten to be around eight to nine weeks old before you take him in. Once it is safe and appropriate to bring him home, you can start giving him the right kitten food. When giving him the food, only stick to the dry kitten food. You can then give him enough water as directed.

Don’t mingle the kitten with the kids/pets, yet

Did you know that Sphynx is among the most social cat breeds out there? Yep, these little fellows get along with everyone in the house, including the kids and other pets. However, you should take this slow when she’s still a kitten. If you happen to mingle the kitten with other pets or introduce her to the kids, you might come back to find one dead Sphynx kitten. The kids or pets might not be gentle to the kitten as it is required. This way, it can end up killing the little fellow. You can start introducing them to the kitten as he grows and become stronger.

Allows the kitten to explore the house on their own

It is the first time for the kitten in the house. Here, you don’t need to control them on how they want to move into the house. The only places you should secure are the windows and the doors. This helps to keep the kitten safe as she explores her new home. Allowing them to explore the home on their own will help to make them more comfortable.

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