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Equestrian Clydesdale Horse Association was established in 2014. The Association is made up of a team of health, education, and social professionals, with specific training in animal therapy, and with more than 15 years of experience in handling animals as motivating and/or rehabilitating agents.

A multidisciplinary team, such as ours, favors that we can offer a comprehensive therapy, our main objective being to improve the quality of life of people with functional diversity and/or at risk of social exclusion, using for this, our beloved horses and their environment, which are the main engine of our work.

In addition to them, for some time, we have introduced raptors in our activities for their great therapeutic work.


Each person who comes to carry out their sessions is not just another user. It is a person with a name, surname, family, concerns, problems, personal circumstances … And, we take this into account when making and preparing their work programs. 

Thus, we get him to be part of our little family. We need them to feel comfortable, both they and their family and friends who accompany them, so that they have confidence and can tell us everything they need, their doubts, their difficulties, or simply their day to day. We need them to feel at home.

That said, we always work from teamwork. The sessions are always carried out between two team members, who are chosen, depending on the characteristics of each user, and the objectives that have been set for them. 

This is how we ensure that our treatments are comprehensive. In addition, all users are monitored, and, if necessary, our team carries out interventions externally, in the users’ environment if we see it necessary.